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Northern Ranger


Northern Ranger is a contemporary Jazz Group led by drummer and composer Harry Vetro.

The Northern Ranger members are highly talented young Canadian musicians representing a new generation of Jazz in Canada. The touring members include: Noah Franche-Nolan (piano), Nelson Moneo (violin), Hayden Farrar (upright bass), and Harry Vetro (drums). 


Northern Ranger is an International Touring Band.  They recently toured Eastern Europe in October 2019.  They performed at the XVI Medzinárodný Hudobný Festival in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia and at U bílýho černocha Jazz club in Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic. Northern Ranger is scheduled to tour Australia and New Zealand in April 2020. 


They have also toured Jazz festivals across Canada.  Their 2019 Eastern Canada tour was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.  Past festival performances include: l'OFF Montreal Jazz Fest (Quebec), Lakefield Jazz Fest (Ontario), TD PEI Jazz and Blues Fest (P.E.I), Sudbury Jazz Festival (Ontario), Jazz YYC Winter Jazz Fest (Alberta), Yardbird Canadian Jazz Fest (Alberta). 


Northern Ranger Album (2018)  The original compositions draw inspiration from Harry's cross Canada travels.  In 2017, as Canada celebrated 150 years of confederation, 24-year-old Canadian drummer Harry Vetro took to the road. He traveled coast to coast, visiting communities in the six Indigenous cultural areas in Canada (Arctic, Subarctic, Northwest Coast, Plateau, Plains, and Eastern Woodlands), in an effort to connect with musicians and artists from different cultural backgrounds, better understanding the land's long cultural history.  Vetro's debut album tells the story of his travels. A jazz musician by training, Harry melded his own style of improvised music with Folk and Classical influences to create a deeply personal statement, one that speaks to Canada as a whole. 

Eastern Stranger EP (2019) was funded by FACTOR Canada.  The music is a mixture of jig and reel rhythms and well-informed jazz improvisation. The fusion of violin with piano, bass, and drums is Harry’s quest for a “Canadian” sound. The violin evokes an era of Canadian music from Newfoundland kitchen parties to French-Canadian and Métis fiddle style music. This combined with their jazz training creates a music unique in its own right.


Northern Ranger at The XVI Medzinárodný Hudobný Festival in Dolný Kubín, Slovakia

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