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Harry Vetro // Northern Ranger


New Album Coming in 2023!

Harry Vetro is excited to announce the release of his new album 

"Taken By Violet"


Taken By Violet is Northern Ranger's 2nd full length studio album. It will release in Fall 2023. The Album was written and recorded from 2018 - 2022. It features many new exciting sounds and compositions.

The album has been made possible with the support of

The Canada Council for The Arts.

Stay tuned for more information!

The Harry Bartlett Trio - NEW ALBUM!




I'm excited to announce that my good friend Harry Bartlett has released his debut album titled "Wildwood". Harry flew Caleb Klager and Myself out to Vancouver in July 2021. We spent a week rehearsing and three days recording at his families cabin on Gambier Island. We were fortunate enough to have engineer Nygel Asselin join us to record the session. Truly a memorable experience. Our good friend and mixing genius Nick Bonin mixed the record and Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering put the final touches on the masters. I am very happy with how this record turned out. I have had the good fortune of being able to play with Harry and Caleb regularly since our days at the University of Toronto jazz program. We have all come a long way. 

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Ahead By A Century - Trio Cover


Ahead by a Century features Harry Vetro’s Northern Ranger in a jazz trio format. Northern Ranger is a contemporary Jazz group led by Canadian drummer and composer Harry Vetro. The members are highly talented young Canadian musicians representing a new generation of Jazz in Canada:  Harry Vetro (drums), Jacob Thompson (piano), and Phil Albert (upright bass).


Ahead by a Century was recorded in 2018 during the debut album sessions.  The song was originally released by Canadian rock band the Tragically Hip in 1996. The interpretation is fresh yet rooted in the original version and accessible by all audiences. The Tragically Hip are receiving a Humanitarian award at the 2021 Junos this May.  Ahead by a Century presents up and coming Canadian jazz musicians to the world.


To mark the release of the new single, Harry is offering limited edition hand pulled silkscreen prints through his website.  During the pandemic shutdowns, Vetro has adopted a practice of merging art with music. With the rising popularity of street art and NFT’s (digital artworks on the blockchain), Vetro highlights traditional art making processes to compliment the acoustic sound of the recording.  Vetro presents something personal and tangible to accompany the release of the single. 

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